Friday, 1 August 2014

Review: My Thoughts on MAC's Creme D'Nude Lipstick

Review: My Thoughts on MAC's Creme D'Nude Lipstick 

Hey everyone,

When I say I am a massive MAC lipstick fan.. that would be an understatement. I really love MAC lipsticks, they are so reasonably priced compared to other high end brands and the range of colours they have is incredible. I have always had good experiences with how the lipsticks apply, apart from I always find that dark colours struggle to say put on wet lip. Now the MAC Creme D'Nude is very much raved about in the world of Blogs and Youtube, so I thought considering I am a lover of MAC's lipsticks I should definitely try it out myself. If I am being honest I never thought I would have a bad word to say about a MAC lipstick, but unfortunately this time round this review isn't fully positive! 

   When I opened the lipstick I was super happy as the colour was gorgeous.. yet how it looked on my lips was a different story. This may just be with me and my lips are being little buggers, or this could be a case for others of you out there (if so please let me know), but this lipstick makes my lips look chapped, dry and a bit flakey. All my other MAC lipsticks glide on beautifully and leave a smooth finish. This does not live up to the others for me. I have tried putting a clear balm on my lips first to give them more moisture, yet the lipstick struggles to apply with a wetter surface. Also, I am naturally quite fair.. so without my foundation & bronzer on I am not totally sure whether I like this colour for my skin tone. I just feel as if it washes me out a bit. I definitely want to try it once I have a bit more colour to my skin. On the other hand it could be me not used to such light & pale lip shades.. lets just say I am always a lover of the deep, dark & daring shades. Sadly I am just not over struck with this lipstick, but I guess you can't win it all! 

P.S My intentions of this review is not to make this lipstick sound totally hideous and to put you all off it haha! I'm sure lots of you out there love or would really like Creme D'Nude. I purely wanted to share my true opinion of it. I just guess this lipstick isn't for me.

                                                                      Thanks for reading!

                                                                                   Ell x

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