Saturday, 16 August 2014

Brunette to Light Brown & Blonde Ombre- My New Hair!

Brunette to Light Brown & Blonde Ombre- My New Hair!

Hey everyone,

Today I got my hair done and I already knew that I wanted to go for a big change. I have seen lots of pictures of Ombre hair on the internet, and of course as many of you would know, Zoe Sugg (Zoella) is famous for her gorgeous ombre hair. So as some of you may know I am naturally very fair blonde, when I was a little girl my hair was literally white. The only thing I had done to my hair until this year was one, I repeat, ONE set of highlights in my whole life. And I had them put in last year. So you could say my hair was very natural & untouched. The highlights lifted my hair a lot so it was more of a white blonde. Then back in March of this year I was very daring, bought a home dye packet and transformed my blonde locks to brunette. It was a massive change for me. I used a semi-permanent so each time I washed it, my hair got lighter and lighter. Now 5 months down the line my hair has faded to a very light, mousy brown. With even little streaks of blonde. The process of having ombre is actually pretty straight forward but I got the hairdresser to do it for me this time round. She just put blonde bleach on half of my hair, she said the lightness in my hair picked up very quickly. And then a toner was applied on top to just take away the harshness (yellow/red tones). She didn't cut it today, just blow dried it and curled it with GHD's. I was so happy with the outcome. I hope you like it too. 

Thought I would add a Instagram photo just so you can see what the colour looks like on both professional camera and iphone. 

     If you have any questions based on how this look was achieved please leave me a comment.

                                                                     Thanks for reading! 

                                                                                  Ell x

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