Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Daisies & Burgundy Boots | Autumn Fashion

Daisies & Burgundy Boots | Autumn Fashion

Hey everyone,

Another fashion style post for you all today. Now some of you may think I'm mad to start putting Autumn style posts up as we are in still in August. But let me tell you, time will fly by so why not be prepared! The shops are now full of the Autumn/Winter clothes which makes me extremely happy as Autumn & Winter are my favourite seasons.. especially when it comes to fashion. The thought of just being able to wrap up in a big oversized jumpy, fury coat and long knee high boots makes me extremely excited. I also love all the textures and colours that come along with September, October, November & December. My favourites being burgundy, browns, navy & dark green. It is never to early to start thinking ahead. The UK gets so cold so I am definitely in need of stocking up on clothes for the upcoming months. This outfit I put together is perfect for Autumn/Winter time but could still be worn in the summer without the tights and a pair of sandals. Also, just because it's cold out and it isn't the Spring & Summer period.. does not mean you have to put away the floral patterns!

For Autumn/Winter you can get away with wearing more makeup as the sun isn't out to create a sweat and it is not all about the "No makeup, makeup" look. I love a good old dark lip in Autumn & Winter and I think a dark winged liner on the eye looks great with a dark, deep lip. Of course in the evening you can vamp it up a bit, add definition by creating a smokey eye.

- Dress: Urban Outfitters, £25.00 (sale)
- Boots: Topshop, £39.00 (I think)
- Bag: Topshop
- Hat: H&M

                                                              Thanks for reading!

                                                                          Ell x

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