Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Multi-Coloured 3D SFX Skull: Theatrical Makeup

Multi-Coloured 3D SFX Skull: Theatrical Makeup 

Hey everyone,

One of my favourite makeup looks to create is a Skull. You can really make a Skull look into your own personalised creation as you can be so versatile and creative with it. Some people may think because you are creating a skull it has to be classical black & white but I love incorporating colour and making a bold, bright creation. With this look there is the illusion of the high cheek-bones which have the effect of an evident severe structure as if they are sticking out of the face. This is achieved by using the dark, matte black paint where the hollows of your cheeks lay and then applying a light paint directly above; acting as a highlight. The shape the cheek bones are structured (an almost rounded look) gives more definition. One of my top tips is to make sure with the eyes you line the bottom waterline with a black eyeliner, as when left the waterline breaks the realism of the deep, hollow, black skull eyes. All that I used for this look is Snazaroo face paints in a selection of bright, vibrant colours and a variety of shaped paint brushes. You can use any sort of colours you like. Where you apply the bright colours you do not have to be really precise as it just quick swipes of the paint brush. 

                                                               Thanks for reading, 

                                                                          Ell x