Saturday, 30 November 2013

My Top 5 MAC Eyeshadows- Review

My Top 5 MAC Eyeshadows 

Hey Everyone,

I thought I would share with you my top 5 MAC eyeshadows. There are still many colours I love but do not own, so I am hoping to buy a few more soon. I am not someone to wear really bright eyeshadow in general as I just don't think vibrant colours suit my skin tone. I love neutral eyeshadows but in Autumn/Winter time I adore the burgundy and copper shades. Overall I think the quality of MAC eyeshadows are very pigmented, blend well and stay put for a long time. I have come across the odd MAC eyeshadow that isn't as pigmented as some (usually the light shades) but apart from that I love them. For £11.00 they are excellent price and the choice of colours you can choose from is never ending. To apply the eyeshadow onto the lid and brow bone I like to use my MAC 275 brush and to blend I use the MAC 226 brush. I really want to start building up a eyeshadow palette my annoyingly all the eyeshadows I do own are the potted ones. I may have to spend some time de-potting them all! What I love about the colour range that the MAC eyeshadows offer is that they suit everybody's taste and style. You can either go with the super vibrant and bright colours or stay more natural with the everyday, subtle shades. Here are my top 5 MAC eyeshadows..

From left to right: Cranberry, Coppering, WoodWinked, Retro-Speck & Nocturnelle 

                                         What are your favourite MAC eyeshadows?

                                                                               Ell x

Friday, 29 November 2013

MAC Lipstick Review

My MAC Lipsticks- Review

Hey Everyone,

I have always been a huge fan of MAC lipsticks, and since purchasing my first one I only get my lipsticks from MAC. In my opinion, £15 for the quality and range of colours that the MAC lipsticks offer are without question a product worth buying and will be a good feature in your collection. You can go to a drugstore and pick up a lipstick for £12.00 so for a high end brand the price is very reasonable. Compared to some beauty guru's I have hardly any of these lipsticks but to me it's a nice little collection which I am building on gradually. I have seven of these lipsticks all in a range and variety of different colours. Personally I prefer darker colour lipsticks as I find they suit my complexion better. I have two colours which are a lot more summery and bright. I love Autumn and Winter as you can easily get away with a dark purple lip without people thinking you look too overboard! 

   My favourite type of lipstick from MAC is defiantly the Cremesheen texture as it apply's to the lip beautifully and stays on for such a long time. Not exaggerating, the Cremesheen lipsticks just glide onto the lips with no trouble. The Lustre lipsticks are also very smooth and soft. Although I really do love Matte lipsticks, especially for Autumn time, I find that they don't apply as well. They are a nightmare on wet textures so obviously, towards the inner of the lip the lipstick does not stay put. So occasionally you end up walking around looking like you have just put very dark lip liner on and nothing else... not a good look! MAC has such a fabulous range of colours for their lipsticks and even though I love going to get a lipstick and see it as such a treat, I am in the shop for about 40 minutes trying to choose which colour and texture of lipstick to get. It's not an easy job. So here is my little group of lipsticks that I adore..

From left to right: 
Lovelorn, Lady bug, Craving, Creme in your coffee, Ravishing, Viva Glam 111, Viva Glam 1V

          I will be taking a trip to London soon and hope to treat myself to a new one ;-)

                                                                             Ell x

My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist- 2013

Hey Everyone,

I have been quite indecisive this year on what to ask for Christmas but I have finally put together a list that I am happy with. I tend to ask for mainly clothes but this year as I am getting to the stage where I need to consider what path to take in life I thought I would ask for things that will help me with my career choice. When I am older I really would love to be a professional makeup artist. Working for film, television, celebrities, magazines and fashion shows. I have loved makeup since quite a young age and have always enjoyed giving my friends makeovers. I have also always been a religious customer to MAC and just love their products, by far my favourite high end makeup brand. To start off my career I would find it an amazing experience if I could work for MAC and be an artist there. I can honestly say I have learnt SO much from Youtube. There are some great artists on there who have truley inspired me and taught me lots of tips and tricks. I am always sitting in my room in my spare time watching tutorials. I have definitely self taught myself how to apply makeup and I believe anyone can learn if they have a passion for it. I am wanting to expand on the products I already have and I am defiantly in need of some makeup palettes and brushes etc so I have asked for quite a few bits like that this year. So here is my Christmas Wishlist...

1) Ben Nye Media Pro HD 18-colour Sheer Foundation palette- £48.97
2) Coastal Scents- Eclipse Concealer Palette- £19.95
3) La Femme Blush Palette 12 colour- £30.61
4) Coastal Scents 22 piece brush set- $34.95
5) MAC Prep + Prime Skin- £20.50
6) MAC Face and Body Foundation- £21.50
7) Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow, Shade 'Antique Gold'- £18.50
8) Makeup Is Art Book- £16.25
9) Makeup Your Mind by Francois Nars- £18.84
10) Topshop Paisley Jacquard Tee- £26.00
11) Topshop Tartan Tee- £32.00
12) Topshop Velvet Cut Out Skater Dress- £38.00

                                      If you have any questions at all please leave me a comment!

                                                                                     Ell x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Topshop Autumn & Winter Fashion

Topshop Autumn & Winter Fashion

Hey Everyone,

First I would just like to say I am now a member of bloglovin so I would love it if you could follow me on here and bloglovin as well.. <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> .

My favourite time of year for different fashion trends is definitely Autumn/Winter. I love the colours, textures and patterns. I have never been a fan of really tight fitted clothes so for me Winter is perfect as you can just throw on an oversized jumper and coat. You can still dress to feel warm but look trendy and individual. I have been so happy with the Autumn and Winter collection Topshop brought out this year. Topshop are forever taking risks with the pieces they come up with and are always up to date with the latest trends from London Fashion Week. Tartan is such a key aspect of fashion at the moment; Topshop have really experimented with ways they can include tartan in their clothes and I think they have done an amazing job of it. Here are some outfits from the Topshop website which I have fallen in love with... and wish I could own every single item (which girl doesn't wish for that!)

Fashion portrays your own personality and style, and I love it when I see girls,boys,women and men on the street looking so individual that it is almost as if their clothes tell a story about that person. That's what I think is the best about fashion. Topshop is so diverse and has no rules. You can go in there and see a wacky skirt and pair it with a sparkly top, expressing yourself through clothes is important. For me, Topshop will always be my favourite shop.

                                                                               Ell x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Skeleton Makeup Look

Skeleton Makeup Look

Hey Everyone,

Now I know Halloween is over but I still have so much fun creating different looks.. and just to say I will be posting a lot more makeup looks I have created on my blog. I really enjoyed experimenting with his Skeleton look and wanted to make it unique and different. I never tend to plan what looks I am going to do, I just go with the flow and see what happens. This look involves a lot of contouring, shading and highlighting. Looking back I wish I made the eye area a bit darker, but I still love how it turned out. 

   If you have any certain looks that you would like me to do please leave a comment for me!

                                                                             Ell x

Christmas & Winter Haul

Christmas & Winter Haul- 31 sleeps to go!

Hey Everyone,

I have been super busy lately and haven't had the chance to come on here and talk to you guys.. but now I am back with a rather festive post. As I have said before, I LOVE Christmas. It is my favourite time of year and I am pretty much in the full Christmas spirit from November till January. This year I am really organised and I have literally felt like a little busy elf running around the shops getting presents and just picking up anything christmas related. I am quite annoyed with myself now as I wish I took pictures of the presents I purchased but I got very carried away the other day and sat in my bedroom with a christmas playlist on full blast wrapping them all. So yesterday I took a trip to Primark and picked up a few wintery bits, of course all with the theme of Christmas. I thought you would all like to see what I picked up, so here goes..

I have very much been taken the micky out of because of my santa slippers but I personally think they are great and I will be wearing them till January. They are so thick and keep your feet nice and toasty warm. I really love the two woollen pieces I bought, the poncho and nightdress. They are both so cosy, soft and very festive. The elf hat actually has bells on and jingles, which is super cute. 

While I have been round the shops one thing I see as something you can not miss is visiting Starbucks, especially during winter time! I always get a grande Chocolate Cream with Cream on top, hmm I could drink these babies all the time. What drink do you guys all get when you go to Starbucks? 

I thought I had to add a quote from one of my favourite Christmas films. I can not wait to have one of those chilled nights with the fire on snuggled up in my pyjamas watching a load of Christmas films. I absolutely love the Polar Express as well, I tend to watch that one on Christmas Eve as it just makes me feel so happy and excited. Wow a month today till Christmas Eve... eeek! 

                                        I hope you are all as excited for Christmas as I am,

                                                                                Ell x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter/Christmas Haul

Wintery Haul- Christmas Themed 

Hey Everyone!

Today I popped to the shops and came back with a few nice items, I thought I would treat myself as I feel I am lacking winter pieces. I am a sucker for Christmas decor and this year I am making a big effort to make my room look pretty and christmasy. I feel that candles are a big part of christmas, especially the ones that let off a warm, cosy, winter scent. It's a must to burn candles during winter time, they just make everything seem a lot more festive. Although I do not shop in Primark, I love going to Primark during christmas time as they do some really great decorations and novelty bits. I have to say though, when I visited Primark today I noticed how much their prices are going up! I mean they are now charging £10 for christmas themed leggings... something like that only used to be £5 or less. I also got two christmasy candles. Of course I had to visit Topshop and this beautiful tartan blazer jacket caught my attention.. in the end I would of just felt bad for leaving it and not taking it home with me so I had to get it. By the time December comes I will have a whole box full of Christmas decorations and pieces. Can't wait to get back to the shops.

Candle - Cinnamon and apple scented 

Candle - Unfortunately it has no scent to it but it is gorgeous and HUGE!

Candle from Primark- £3.00 

Soft santa decoration from Primark- £5.00

Red santa cosy footlets from Primark- £3.00

Black woollen cardigan from Primark- £12.00 (sorry for crappy quality photo)

Red tartan checkered blazer jacket by 'Oh my love' from Topshop- £49.00

                                Let me know what Christmasy bits you have bought!

                                                                             Ell x