Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Healthy Breakfast- Fruit, Yogurt & Granola

A Healthy Breakfast- Fruit, Yogurt & Granola 

Hey everyone,

I thought I would do something a little bit different today and do a food/recipe style post. Now when it comes to making breakfast I always struggle to go for a healthy option. I don't know whether this is just me but when I wake up I am always craving something either chocolate based or fatty food. It is always best to start off your day on a good note because usually your day tends to stay healthy if that is how you have started it off. I am definitely not someone who can skip breakfast or just have an apple, I always have to have breakfast in the morning. I have always agreed that it is the most important meal of the day as it gives you the energy for the day ahead. I have been loving this berry based breakfast at the moment. What's great is that it is a lot healthier than other options yet still tastes good and has that sweetness. When I say this is a 'healthy' breakfast, I probably more mean 'healthyish'. There is many ways I could improve this meal, for example using 0% fat yogurt, using oats instead of clusters which have more sugar in. I think you need to enjoy what your eating otherwise it becomes a chore to make it. But still, if you want to make this even better there are ways to do it. 

So here are all the ingredients I use to make this breakfast. I have always been a massive fan of the 'berry' type fruits so that's what I go for. But you could go for anything you fancy, even citrus fruits like oranges, mango, melon etc. I like to use greek style yogurt with honey as it goes lovely with the fruit and I hate plain low fat or 0% yogurt. I know that low fat plain yogurt is probably 1000 times healthier but I just really dislike the taste of it. I go for clusters instead of oats because that are tastier and I just love them haha.

I pre-wash all the fruit that I will be using. I tend to take a handful out of each tub. I just leave the raspberry's and blueberry's as they come, but of course I cut the tops of the strawberry's and then slice them in half. 

I then spoon a few dollops of the honey yogurt into the bowl. That is the first thing I put in as I like the yogurt to sit at the bottom of the bowl as a nice base and then all the other ingredients sit nicely on top. The yogurt has quite a thick consistency, almost like double cream.

I then spoon on some oat clusters, these contain crushes blueberry and cranberry. These are so delicious and come in such a big bag so last for ages!

 Now I know that not everyone is a fan of raisins, it's one of those things you either love or hate. But I love them, especially in this breakfast. This breakfast has a bit of everything as there is crunchyness from the clusters then the chewyness from the raisins.

I adore fruit compote it is so yummy and it just gives this a lot more flavour and I also think it just looks pretty. Again, I just put a few dollops of this on top of the fruit. Of course, you can put as little or as much of the ingredients as you want into your breakfast. I personally like quite a bit of fruit. 

Now how colourful does that look! I love food that is yummy and pretty. This is perfect for Summer. You can leave the breakfast like this or mix it all together which is what I like to do.

This is what it looks like all mixed together, I have to say not as pretty but a lot nicer and easy to eat. If you want you could also have some extra spare fruit in a bowl on the side.

This drink is absolutely amazing. I have always loved innocent smoothies but this one is a little bit different. It is called a 'Super Smoothie' which means it contains a variety of vitamins which are all good for your body. This particularly smoothie is aimed at energising and making you feel more awake. This also makes you feel more full up so if you are someone who is on a strict diet you could even have this as a lunch. The flavours of this smoothie (strawberry, cherry & guarana) go so lovely with this berry breakfast. 

I just had to add this picture of my cat Lilly. While I was making the breakfast she was just laying there watching me & sunbathing. So cute! I hope you liked this post, if you did let me know as I am up for doing more recipe style posts.

                                                                 Thanks for reading!

                                                                              Ell x



  1. Mmm this looks so yummy!! :D Lovely post! :)
    Ava xox

    1. It really is! Glad you liked it :) x