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My Festival Essentials 2014- What to take to a festival?

My Festival Essentials 2014- What to take to a festival? 

Hey everyone,

I cannot actually describe my excitement right now. In 2 days time around 20 of my friends and I will be attending Reading Festival '14. This event has been building up for so long now and my friends and I used to talk about it all the time like 5 months ago so you can just imagine our excitement at this present moment in time. There are over 200 acts performing but I would say the ones I am definitely most excited for are Annie Mac, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Disclosure, Imagine Dragons, Wilkinson, Andy C, Flume and Ben Pearce (to name a few). I am staying at Reading Festival for the full 5 days, Thursday-Monday. The acts are only on from Friday-Sunday so 2 days just consist of arriving/leaving/camping. I thought it might help some of you out there who are still yet to attend a festival, going to Reading yourselves (if so let me know in the comments!) or are thinking about going to your first festival next year. These are my festival essentials and what I will be taking with me for my stay. Everyone is different so these are just the things I personally think are important or even just fun to take with you to a festival/camping experience.

- 1, COMFORT: The main thing at a festival really is to feel comfortable. You are going to be up on your feet pretty much most of the day, dancing & walking around from stage to stage. Firstly you need to make sure what you are wearing and what clothes you are planning on taking are "festival appropriate". What I mean by this is once you are you really won't be bothered about being the 'hight of fashion'. Make sure you have flat, comfortable shoes that you can dance in. Also check the weather forecast for the event. So if it is hot & sunny take suncream and clothes you will not get really hot in. The weather forecast is supposed to be cloudy with a bit of sun, mainly around 16 degrees for Reading. So I am just taking jeans, a few tops, kimono, 1 skirt and a light rain mac.

-2, KEEP EXPENSIVE BELONGINGS ON YOU: It cannot be stressed enough at how risky it is to leave expensive equipment and belongings in your tent while you are at the stages enjoying youself. Although you may think your things will be safe in the tent there is a very big chance things can be taken. Unfortunately some people purely go to festivals just to rummage through peoples tents and take what they want. This is why I really recommend taking a bum-bag or mini rucksack. I am taking a bum-bag in which I will keep my phone & money in.

-3, TOILETRIES: Toiletries are super important. Festivals in general are not the cleanest of places so you really want to stay as fresh & clean as possible. Shower facilities at festivals can be over packed, cold or just generally poor so is always best to stock up on baby wipes to wash yourself with. A pack of tissues for the loo are SO important to take. Festival port-a-loos run out of paper so quickly so you must take your own. Of course hand sanitizer is extremely in need at a festival. I also suggest Vaseline as your lips can get quite dry when out in a field all day.

-4, HAIR CARE: Boys may not have this worry as much but to girls this is super important. Of course you won't have a chance to wash your hair so dry shampoo is your new best friend. Of course you also need a brush and I always think taking some sort of hair accessory like a hat or head band will hide the dirty hair.

-5, FESTIVAL FUN: It is also nice to take some fun accessories and bits & bobs. I found this pineapple plastic drink canister in New Look and loved it. It is great to carry around your drink in, also at festivals they have water taps which you can use. I thought it was a bit different than just carrying a plastic bottle. A portable phone charger has to be one of those major things you need for a festival. If you have an iphone you will know the battery life on it is awful. I purchased mine from Amazon for only £11.99, they have some really cheap ones. I also got some UV Neon Body & Face paint. It glows in the dark and thought it was very festival related.

 I hope this has helped a lot of you and if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment.

                                                                Thanks for reading!

                                                                           Ell x

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  1. Oooh! enjoy Reading!! UK has so amazing festivals!! I wish one day I can also come! :)

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