Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

The Christmas Tag

Hey everyone,

Christmas is very quicly approaching and I have just got back from a lovely Christmas meal with my good friends at the Cadillac Diner (which I really recommend, a great American themed restaurant). I am now very much in the festive spirit and looking foward to some nice days out leading up towards Christmas day. I am especially excited for Winter Wounderland at Hyde Park. So as you all know Winter is my favourite time of year, purely because of Christmas. I really like reading peoples Christmas Tag's so I thought why not join in and share my answers..

1) What is your favourite Christmas movie?
     In general Christmas movies make me so happy and excited, you will genuinely catch me watching them in July (yes I admit it). I do like a good Christmas comdey such as Elf, although it makes me laugh and I am in love with Buddy it does not reach my all time favourite Christmas movie. Yesterday I watched The Grinch which I honestly had not seen in such a long time. The Grinch is such a unique film and I think Jim Carrey is fantastic. Right so now I am actually going to give my answer to the question. My all time favourite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. Without question it is the most warm, original and festive film I have ever seen. I always watch it on Christmas Eve. I love the very beginning when the little boy is laying in bed on Christmas Eve, pretending to be asleep. It just reminds me of myself when I was a little kid.

2) Do you stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
    I get up relatively early on Christmas day because of my little brother, but if I am being honest I can never get to sleep and I'm up at the crack of dawn anyway because I am that excited. I stay in my PJ's while opening presents and eating a nice breakfast which is always cooked by my dad. I tend to get changed into something new just before the Christmas dinner is ready. I never tend to get really dressed up or bother with lots of makeup as my family and I don't have friends or further family round. It is just me, my mum, dad, brother and sister. This year I am going to wear my festive themed PJ's, jingle elf hat and santa slippers.

3) Do you and your family open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
    Always on Christmas day. We occasionaly open the odd small gift from a family friend on Christmas Eve but that is it. We wait till 'Santa' comes and delivers the presents. I like waiting till Christmas day itself as my brother and I come down the stairs and feel so excited and full of happiness. Some people save a few presents for the afternoon/evening on Christmas day but my family and I just open them all in the morning.

4) Favourite Holiday song?
    Now lets just say I have a few. I love Merry Christmas by Slade and Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizard. I am also a massive fan of Do They Know It's Christmas by Bandaid. I definitely prefer the more traditional songs than all these new commercialised ones such as 'Mistletoe' by Justin Bieber.

5) Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
    To be honest I don't like Christmas Dinner that much. I just see it as more of a fancy roast and I have never liked roast dinners. I do like the odd Toby Carvery though. I love a yorkshire pudding filled with gravy, perfect! My favourite treat at Christmas time would definitely be salmon blinis. They are gorgeous! They are not something I eat everyday, I only ever have them on Christmas day or New Year. Smoked salmon is a must at Christmas time.

6) What happens on a typical Christmas Eve night in your house?
     Last year my older sister and her fiance Steve took my brother and I along with Steve's siblings to the Imax in Leicester Square. We went to see Arthur Christmas. It was a really nice night out and got us all very excited for Christmas day. The general atmosphere in London was also very festive with all the lights and music. For previous years my family and I stayed in doors with the fire on, watching TV or christmas films and ordered fish & chips. This year I am having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve at a beautiful vintage reataurant so my family and I will be out all evening. I am so excited as it is something different.

7) Does it snow where you live?
    Unfortunately it never snows on top of Christmas where I live, I have always loved the thought of a white Christmas. The year before last it snowed quite heavily the week before Christmas which was lovely. And last year it snowed in early January, but never Christmas. It would be so amazing if it snowed gently on Christmas Eve so you could wake up to a winter wounderland for Christmas day.

8) Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
    For many years my family and I had a fake tree in our living room. But for the past few years we have bought a real one. The one we have got this year is so beautiful, very bushy and I love the smell of the pine; a traditional Christmas scent. We decorated it with traditional red and bronze decorations which we bought new for this year. We get our Christmas tree from a family which grow them in a field and all of them are excellent quality.

And that is it! I hope you all enjoyed reading my Christmas Tag, I know I love reading everyone else's. Please leave me a comment letting me know whether you have taken part in The Christmas Tag. 6 days to go!!!
                                                                             Ell x