Thursday, 5 December 2013

Garnier Moose Curl Booster & Fixing Spray- Review

Garnier Moose Curl Booster & Fixing Spray- Review

Hey everyone, 

There is nothing I love more than a hot bubble bath, especially during winter. I feel in need to take a trip to LUSH and stock up on their Christmasy bath bombs; nothing beats LUSH at Christmas time. It is so nice after a long day to just lay in a hot bath with a few scented candles. If anyone has any LUSH Christmas bath bombs that you love and would recommend.. please leave me a comment, I am in need of a few suggestions! So once I get out of the bath I tend to just leave my hair wrapped up in the towel for about 20 minutes,  I then brush it and just leave it to dry natural. On other occasions, like today, once leaving my hair in the towel for 20 minutes I take it out, brush it and then used my Garnier Moose Curl Booster and Fixing Spray. I have had these for quite a while now so you may not be able to purchase the exact ones but Garnier definitely do other hair products extremely similar. 

So first I apply the moose. You have to shake the bottle well and with the pump applicator apply a nice big dollop on to your hand, you then scrunch the moose into your hair (make sure your hair is damp). Keep scrunching it in your hair till you start to see little curls or waves form. You can put however much you want in, I find that I do not need loads to create the curls I want but if you have naturally dead straight hair you will most likely need to apply more. Once I have applied the moose I spray my hair with the fixing spray. I find that this just sets the curls and keeps them in for longer. After using the spray I scrape all my hair up into a messy bun and sleep in the bun. I find this gives a much better effect and the curls look even better the next morning and stay in for so much longer... but of course that part is optional. Both the moose and spray have a gorgeous scent (tropical fruits) and leave a nice smell to the hair. For me these hair products work really well but it will be different for everyone as everybody's hair texture is different. The curling moose is definitely a strong one and works well, not like those ones that just leave a few odd curls and then they drop out!

                                            Let me know what you think of this review!

                                                                              Ell x


  1. Great review, I never tried something from Garnier although I've heard nice things!

    Have a great weekend,
    Mary x

    1. You must try some stuff, Garnier hair products are great. Thank you, you too x