Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sleek Eye Palette & Blush- Review

Sleek Eye Palette & Blush- Review

Hey everyone,

At the moment I am loving Sleek products and can't get over what you get for the price. From what I have purchased and tried from Sleek everything has been really great quality and nothing is priced higher than £13. Sleek recently brought out a new line which is based around vintage colours. I bought the eye palette 'Vintage Romance' and the blush 'Antique'. The colours in the eye palette are so gorgeous and have a touch of christmas sparkle. They all have a slight shimmer to them and there is an array of golds, purples and blues. There is also a green, silver and one matte eyeshadow in nude pink. This palette is so versatile and you can create a variety of looks with it. 

    Although you can still use this palette for every day I would personally say it is more of a night time palette as the colours are not very neutral (except the pink shade) and they are all shimmery. Every eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented, even the light gold shades. You can really experiment and mix and match with the colours as they all co-ordinate and compliment each other to achieve glamourous, eye catching and beautiful eye makeup. I can't stress enough at how much I love this blush. Firstly, the colour is stunning. A rich nude pink with hints of glitter. This is a blush that will suit most skin tones and it really adds a glow to the face. This blush is very build-able so you can go however dark or light you feel. It also blends spectacularly and has such a natural finish. I think it is perfect for winter time as it just adds a bit of colour to the skin. 

     The 'Vintage Romance' Eye Palette is priced at £7.99 and the 'Antique' Blush is £4.49

                                                      Let me know what you all think!

                                                                              Ell x

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