Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Home Decor- 18 sleeps to go!

Christmas Home Decor- 18 sleeps to go! 

Hey Everyone,

I actually can't believe I am saying it's only 18 sleeps till Christmas... it has come round so fast *jumping up and down singing christmas songs*. I turned my room into a festive boudoir last week but today was the day when my family and I (our Christmas tradition) went to buy our real Christmas tree from a family who grow them on their farm. Ok so when we was walking around today deciding which one to get we didn't realise how much of a size difference it would be looking at them from being in a open field and then to our living room.. so it came to quite a shock of how bushy and tall it was when we got it home. Still, not complaining, I have always loved the look of big tree's with a lot of bushiness so I was very much overjoyed. Me and my mum have had such a nice time decorating the house today with the old classic Christmas CD's on. So here are a few (quite a lot) pictures of our Christmasy home decor; oh and the odd two pictures of my ootd's. Enjoy!

                           Someone got bored of putting up the Christmas Decorations ^

                                                                             Ell x


  1. Loving your outfit of the day :) so stylish! You look stunning :) Love your Christmas decorations.... Perfect and so cute! Brilliant post sugar :)
    Ava xox

    1. Thank you so much :) Thanks for checking out my blog x