Thursday, 12 December 2013

Creepy Cracked Doll Makeup

Creepy Cracked Doll Makeup

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow I am performing 'Lizzie Borden' for my drama GCSE and I have been given the job to do my groups makeup which I am happy about as I really enjoy doing it anyway. I found myself practising a few different makeup looks tonight and I am really happy with how this one turned out. In my group and I's performance we use the sentence 'cracked her head like a china cup' quite repetitively so I wanted to create a white face to represent 'white china' and then the black eyeliner from Barry M was used for the cracks in the china. I was debating on whether to use dramatic fake eyelashes but I think the eyes look a lot more sore and dead left with drawn on eyelashes. I think the smudged lipsticks looks really effective as it could represent Lizzie constantly rubbing and itching her face because of her anxious and erotic personality. This makeup look can still be used for many other events such as halloween, a fancy dress party or even another play. My group and I are having our hair slicked back in high messy ponytails all backcombed, paired with red ribbon tied in our hair to signify blood. Of course though if you was just going for a 'dead doll' character you would keep the hair more to something like plaits. 

                  If you have any questions about this looks please leave me a comment!

                                                                             Ell x

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