Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tartan Staples- Winter Fashion

Tartan Staples- Winter Fashion

Hey Everyone,

Today I took a trip to the shops and fell in love with these two tartan pieces which are a MUST for your winter wardrobe. They are both from Topshop and I think they are perfect for this time of year, especially considering Tartan is so in at the moment and is basically in every fashion magazine I have read this month. The first item I picked up was a Check Split Back Tee which is priced at £36.00. Although it is on the pricey side for a t-shirt/blouse I really do love the colour as it isn't the traditional red or green tartan. The navy with the mustard yellow really compliment each other and create a really unique tartan tee. I also love the split in the back as it just adds a little extra and it is a really flattering style fit. I would say it would suit a lot of body shapes. The second item I picked up was a block checked scarf which is priced at £14.00. It is so thick and snug, great for this cold weather at the moment. Because the colours of the scarf are dark it is really versatile and easy to wear. I have seen so many people wearing tartan scarfs at the moment so I thought I had to pick one up. I really do adore Topshop's winter clothes this year, in my view they have defiantly outdone a lot of shops. 

Of course on my shopping trip I had to pop into Starbucks and treat myself. Look how           delicious that Chocolate Swirl looks, most definitely recommend it everyone!

                                                                              Ell x


  1. Love tartan <3 The shirt is so lovely!
    Nice blog! :) Follow for follow? xoxo

    1. Same here! Aww thank you very much, I am glad you like my blog x