Saturday, 7 December 2013

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation Review

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation Review

Hey Everyone,

So for a while I had never really ventured into the world of experimenting and trying out all different brands of foundations and just religiously used MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NW25. I used to have very bad skin and got to the stage in which I had to go to the doctors to get treated for acne. I got put on some pills and also got given a liquid formula to apply to my skin which dries up the spots. I am still using my medication now. Within about 3 months of taking the tablets my skin really started to clear up and I was so happy. I know how much acne can make you feel down so I am so lucky now to be able to say the medication I am taking has worked and I finally have spot free skin. Every skin product I tried whether it be clearasil, neutrogena or simple none of them ever ever worked. So when I did have bad skin and came across the MAC Studio Fix Fluid I felt so happy; it just totally covered all my spots and hid every blemish. The Studio Fix Fluid is a really high coverage foundation and has such a thick consistency, it also has a vile smell to it. It's only now I realise that the MAC foundation really didn't help my skin at all and was one of the factors that was blocking my pores and causing my skin to react in such a way. 

 I cut down on the amount of foundation I wore and when I wore it, this was a big difference for me as I used to wear foundation to school every day which I personally really regret. I just started to wear it at weekends only or for special occasions. When my skin started to clear up I wanted to get a new foundation that wasn't as thick or such a high coverage so I just opted for a drug store brand. I had seen many excellent reviews and videos from beauty guru's before on youtube saying how good the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer was (which I also own) so I thought why not try out the Foundation. Lets just say, this has been an absolute godsend and I am over the moon I decided to purchase it. I have had it for about 4 months now and it has caused no problems for my skin. It has a medium to full coverage and is very buildable. It doesn't have the lightest consistency in the world but compared to MAC Studio Fix Fluid it is perfect. It makes my skin look so glowing and radiant, it hides all of my small blemishes and is also oil free. It has an SPF 20 so I do find it does give bit of a flash back in photos but only slightly, that also depends what light you are in. It is such a blend-able foundation and works so well into the skin... I just LOVE it! And for only £5.99 you really can't go wrong. Although cheap foundations are known to be not that good for covering up blemishes I can honestly say this is amazing and would recommend trying it out. 

                     To apply the foundation I use my Real Techniques Stippling brush.

                                                                             Ell x 


  1. It seems like a great product :)

  2. This looks awesome, really want to try it!

    1. You definitely should, worth picking up x