Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter/Christmas Haul

Wintery Haul- Christmas Themed 

Hey Everyone!

Today I popped to the shops and came back with a few nice items, I thought I would treat myself as I feel I am lacking winter pieces. I am a sucker for Christmas decor and this year I am making a big effort to make my room look pretty and christmasy. I feel that candles are a big part of christmas, especially the ones that let off a warm, cosy, winter scent. It's a must to burn candles during winter time, they just make everything seem a lot more festive. Although I do not shop in Primark, I love going to Primark during christmas time as they do some really great decorations and novelty bits. I have to say though, when I visited Primark today I noticed how much their prices are going up! I mean they are now charging £10 for christmas themed leggings... something like that only used to be £5 or less. I also got two christmasy candles. Of course I had to visit Topshop and this beautiful tartan blazer jacket caught my attention.. in the end I would of just felt bad for leaving it and not taking it home with me so I had to get it. By the time December comes I will have a whole box full of Christmas decorations and pieces. Can't wait to get back to the shops.

Candle - Cinnamon and apple scented 

Candle - Unfortunately it has no scent to it but it is gorgeous and HUGE!

Candle from Primark- £3.00 

Soft santa decoration from Primark- £5.00

Red santa cosy footlets from Primark- £3.00

Black woollen cardigan from Primark- £12.00 (sorry for crappy quality photo)

Red tartan checkered blazer jacket by 'Oh my love' from Topshop- £49.00

                                Let me know what Christmasy bits you have bought!

                                                                             Ell x

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