Saturday, 2 November 2013

The National Wedding Show- London

The National Wedding Show at Earls Court

Hey Everyone!

Back in September me, my mum, my sister and my sister's friend Amy went to Earls Court for the National Wedding Show. It was a really nice girly day out and I would recommend the day to anyone who is thinking of going in the future. Personally I think the tickets were really reasonable price (around £15) considering you get to watch a 35 minute fashion show which I loved. There was a variety of different wedding stalls showing off their products and there is so many fresh ideas and inspiration you get from the day. Some products and companies you would be familiar with but others were really unique and to me they were the ones that stood out. I think it is a great day for brides wanting to get ideas and every stall offers great deals and packages. 

   The fashion show was really great to watch, not only was there classical wedding dresses but there were a range of unusual and diverse pieces. The fashion show suits everyones individual personality's as the dresses were all very different. The only thing I found was that the food and drinks were very expensive, I'm talking £5.50 for a sandwich in a packet! So perhaps bring a few of your own snacks. The afternoon cream tea was enjoyable yet the service was extremely slow and it took a good while to even get a table. But the food was nice and it was a cute little touch to the day. 

                              As you can all tell I got very excited by all the gorgeous cakes!

                                                                              Ell x

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