Thursday, 28 November 2013

Topshop Autumn & Winter Fashion

Topshop Autumn & Winter Fashion

Hey Everyone,

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My favourite time of year for different fashion trends is definitely Autumn/Winter. I love the colours, textures and patterns. I have never been a fan of really tight fitted clothes so for me Winter is perfect as you can just throw on an oversized jumper and coat. You can still dress to feel warm but look trendy and individual. I have been so happy with the Autumn and Winter collection Topshop brought out this year. Topshop are forever taking risks with the pieces they come up with and are always up to date with the latest trends from London Fashion Week. Tartan is such a key aspect of fashion at the moment; Topshop have really experimented with ways they can include tartan in their clothes and I think they have done an amazing job of it. Here are some outfits from the Topshop website which I have fallen in love with... and wish I could own every single item (which girl doesn't wish for that!)

Fashion portrays your own personality and style, and I love it when I see girls,boys,women and men on the street looking so individual that it is almost as if their clothes tell a story about that person. That's what I think is the best about fashion. Topshop is so diverse and has no rules. You can go in there and see a wacky skirt and pair it with a sparkly top, expressing yourself through clothes is important. For me, Topshop will always be my favourite shop.

                                                                               Ell x

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