Friday, 1 November 2013



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Hey Everyone!

I just discovered Bloglovin, which is a useful website that helps you gain more readers and followers for your blog. I haven't had my blog long at all but it is something I really want to excel in and for it to become really big in the blogging world. I love anything to do with fashion and beauty, while at the same time I really enjoy writing. So being able to write about fashion and beauty with people reading my posts is amazing. I would really appreciate if you could like, comment and share my posts and just give me general support (that's if you like what I write of course). I have got many ideas ahead for this blog so be sure to follow me for more makeup looks and fashion posts/lookbooks. 

P.S. I am loving these thin leather watches at the moment. I know the big, chunky gold/silver designer big face watches are in... but I find these are a lot more simple and nicer for every day use. This one is from Urban Outfitters, I find they do some great watches. Although sometimes a tad over priced. Oh well, every girl deserves to treat themselves now and then! 

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