Friday, 29 November 2013

MAC Lipstick Review

My MAC Lipsticks- Review

Hey Everyone,

I have always been a huge fan of MAC lipsticks, and since purchasing my first one I only get my lipsticks from MAC. In my opinion, £15 for the quality and range of colours that the MAC lipsticks offer are without question a product worth buying and will be a good feature in your collection. You can go to a drugstore and pick up a lipstick for £12.00 so for a high end brand the price is very reasonable. Compared to some beauty guru's I have hardly any of these lipsticks but to me it's a nice little collection which I am building on gradually. I have seven of these lipsticks all in a range and variety of different colours. Personally I prefer darker colour lipsticks as I find they suit my complexion better. I have two colours which are a lot more summery and bright. I love Autumn and Winter as you can easily get away with a dark purple lip without people thinking you look too overboard! 

   My favourite type of lipstick from MAC is defiantly the Cremesheen texture as it apply's to the lip beautifully and stays on for such a long time. Not exaggerating, the Cremesheen lipsticks just glide onto the lips with no trouble. The Lustre lipsticks are also very smooth and soft. Although I really do love Matte lipsticks, especially for Autumn time, I find that they don't apply as well. They are a nightmare on wet textures so obviously, towards the inner of the lip the lipstick does not stay put. So occasionally you end up walking around looking like you have just put very dark lip liner on and nothing else... not a good look! MAC has such a fabulous range of colours for their lipsticks and even though I love going to get a lipstick and see it as such a treat, I am in the shop for about 40 minutes trying to choose which colour and texture of lipstick to get. It's not an easy job. So here is my little group of lipsticks that I adore..

From left to right: 
Lovelorn, Lady bug, Craving, Creme in your coffee, Ravishing, Viva Glam 111, Viva Glam 1V

          I will be taking a trip to London soon and hope to treat myself to a new one ;-)

                                                                             Ell x

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