Saturday, 2 November 2013

Christmas Homeware- What's In

Christmas Homeware Has Hit The Shops

Hey Everyone!

Today me, my mum and sister visited John Lewis home and Next home. I have always absolutely loved Christmas and find that I am particularly happy pretty much throughout the whole of December; lets just say I am constantly in the Christmas spirit. Everything about Christmas I just love.. the decorations, lights, family outings, parties, food and of course the presents.  Not to mention the cheesy christmas music, I create a Christmas playlist that pretty much gets put on repeat from December the 1st to January. So today, when I walked into John Lewis and Next it was rather hard to hold in my happiness when I saw all the Christmas homeware. It literally gets me so excited as I know the official 25 day countdown to Christmas isn't long away. 

     Both John Lewis and Next had some beautiful decorations, lights, tree's and gifts; for a girl it was very hard not coming out of them two shops with bags full of stuff. Usually the family Christmas tree in my living room has aqua, light blue and silver themed decorations but this year we thought we would have a change and go for more traditional colours. So we bought tree decorations in the colours of burgundy, dark red, gold and bronze tones. This is what seems to be in this year, and I love it! The colours are so warm and cosy. In Next there was quite a lot of dark purple and gold, which was also nice. But generally, it's all about the reds, browns and golds this year. I know it is only the 2nd of November and we haven't even had Fireworks yet.. so you are probably all reading this thinking I'm one crazy girl, but it is only 53 sleeps till Christmas, and well know that will fly by.

                                                        Happy Christmas Shopping!

                                                                            Ell x

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