Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Makeup Looks- Bright Colours & Smokey Purple

Summer Makeup Looks- Bright Colours & Smokey Purple

Hey everyone,

So I am back! I haven't blogged in so long and have actually missed it a lot. I have just been so busy lately and with this beautiful Summer weather England has been having I thought I must make the most of it. So of course we are fully in the Summer season now and I love experimenting with colour when it comes to eyeshadow. I have created two Summer makeup looks that are both intense and bold. 

Look 1: Bright Summer Eyes- Arab Inspired

So as you can see this look is very daring as it does use a lot of bright colours mashed together to create a very vibrant eye. If you don't like wearing a lot of colour this look probably is not for you, but recently I have been trying to use more colour and the more I experiment with it the more I am beginning to love wearing it. These colours are almost quite "citrus" based and remind me of a tropical beach. This winged black pen liner I used is AMAZING! It is from the brand Bourjois. 

Look 2- Dark, Intense Smokey Purple- Summer Nights 

This second look is a lot more smokey and evening based. The purple and gold work beautifully together and the smudge of gold in the inner corner of the eye makes the whole look pop. This eyeshadow look is particularly great for people who have brown/hazel eyes as the colour purple enhances brown eyes and just makes them look stunning. Of course this look I used big false lashes which again adds a bit extra glamour and makes this look perfect for a summer night out. In this look I have used Tanya Burr's lipgloss in shade 'Chic'. 

I hope you liked these two Summer looks. If you have any questions please drop me a comment down below! Thanks for reading.

                                                                               Ell x


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