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How I got rid of my Acne

How I got rid of my Acne

Hey everyone,

So a lot of people suffer with Acne, I myself also suffered with it, but luckily for me my skin has cleared up a lot. It was not easy for my skin to clear up and let me tell you, it certainly did not take over night for my skin to become clear & spotless. I had to go through a lot to get my skin to look how it is now. I started getting a lot of spots at the age of 15 and they got worse and worse. I didn't think about acne and just saw it as I was a teenager and was bound to get spots. So I just went to Superdrug and bought the "amazing" spot banishers such as Clean & Clear cleansers. There is only one thing I can say about these products which are meant to 'magically' clear your skin, personally for me... they are rubbish. They did nothing for my skin and in some cases I felt they made my skin even worse. Now everyone is different, so some people may find these a miracle to them, but for me they were no help. 

A month after I started taking Tetralysal. My skin still had a lot of redness & a few spots. But had cleared up a lot.

  I eventually went to the doctors as I started to feel so conscious, shy and unconfident about my skin and it really put me off even going out sometimes. People who have acne or who have experienced it, really know how much it can affect you as a person both mentally and physically. The doctor diagnosed me with a mild form of acne, of course there is different extremes of it, so luckily for me I was a bit lower on the scale. I got a lot of spots on my cheeks mainly, and a few dotted on my forehead and chin. I was first put on an antibiotic called Oxytetracyline (a round yellow tablet). I reacted very badly to these tablets as they constantly made me feel sick so I came off them and got put onto a tablet called Tetralysal; another form of antibiotic. This antibiotic worked wonders for me and I am still on it now. When you start taking an antibiotic it will not work its magic straight away. You have to wait a few months till you notice the difference. I know waiting can be unbearable but the wait is worth it. 

  My doctor also gave me a solution called Zineryt which is a liquid form (unfortunately it has not got the nicest of smells) but it works really well for me. You apply it over your spots, it comes in a bottle with a roller, and over night it dries them up. So when you wake up in the morning they are a lot smaller. I am now extremely happy with my skin, of course I still get the odd spot but who doesn't! One of the key things as well despite taking antibiotics and using a lotion was that I cut down on the amount of makeup I wore. I tried to use a lighter coverage such as a tinted moisturiser instead of a thick foundation (if you do suffer with bad skin I would stay away from MAC Studio Fix Fluid, yes it may hide your spots amazingly but it really does clog up your pores). I also stopped wearing makeup on days I didn't need too. 

3 months after taking Tetralysal and using Zineryt. Redness has gone, skin has cleared up massively. I get the odd few spots, especially near that time of the month (girls you know what I'm on about). 

If you have any questions at all on Acne and how my skin cleared up please leave me a comment and I will get back to you!

                                                                         Ell x

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