Monday, 28 July 2014

My Summer So Far- Sun, Sea & Festival Fun

My Summer So Far- Sun, Sea & Festival Fun

Hey everyone,

Today I thought I would do more of a 'lifestyle' kinda post for you all.. so if you enjoy this kinda thing then please let me know! So as some of you may or may not know I am 16 years old which means I would have now finished year 11 so I am on my very long and much needed Summer break. I'm not sure if this is the same for everyone and this could vary from school to school, but in the UK year 11's tend to get a 2 and a half month Summer (around that anyway)... so a lot of free time to fill. We haven't even reached August yet so still have a month off, and August is the month I am most looking forward too. So expect a lot of lifestyle blog posts and photos of what I will be getting up too throughout the month of August. :-) 
My Summer so far has been more chilled and laid back, apart from a day festival in London that I went to called Lovebox on July 18th. I have also been to the theatre to see Wicked for a friends birthday, shopping trips, seaside and a lot of other lovely outings. I thought I would show you my Summer so far...

So of course it all started with my last day at school! Not only does that sound weird to me every time because it feels like only yesterday that it was my first day of school, but it also makes me extremely excited because I know Sixth Form isn't far away which means new doors to open & paths to follow..

Everyone had such a laugh on the last day. I loved customising my leavers shirt and used little iron on gems so it was actually super easy to make. We all signed each others shirts and was extremely hyper for Summer and the fact that are GCSE's were finally over.

My Summer started off perfectly as I got a camera that I had wanted for ages. It's the Canon 700d and is perfect for taking amazing photos (excellent for blogging) and records such high standard videos.. so if you are a blogger and vlogger yourself I would really recommend this. I got mine from Curry's.

 As you can see the image quality is amazing and I was so taken back by how vibrant the colours come out in photos... bless my little kitten Ollie looking very innocent but is far from it. Little mischievous cutie. I have also been on a few country walks which have been lovely due to England's abnormal hot & gorgeous weather at the moment. And you have to visit the seaside in the Summer, in which I have been too a few so far.

As I mentioned before, I went to a day festival called Lovebox which is held in Victoria Park in London. On the day of the festival it was 33 degrees so the heat was pretty hard to adapt too but I managed! I had such a great day, loved the music and just enjoyed soaking in the whole typical "festival" atmosphere. I also loved seeing what all the girls were wearing as I have always been a fan of festival fashion.

One of my friend's held a garden party:

It was my Sister's birthday to my family and I went for a lovely meal

I also went to see the theatre show Wicked for my good friend's birthday

I have also been loving visiting Costa during the Summer because I love their Strawberry & Lime Fruit Cooler.. it's delicious & so refreshing. Perfect for a hot Summers day

 So that is the main events so far! Besides countless Summer shopping trips & lunches. I have had such a nice break so far but August I would say is my 'main' month for me as I have bigger things planned which i cannot wait for. I hope you enjoyed delving into my life a little, if so please let me know because I would definitely love to do more posts like this.

                                                          Thanks for reading everyone,
                                                                               Ell x

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