Thursday, 24 July 2014

Home Decor: Vintage & Chic Bedroom Accessories

Home Decor: Vintage & Chic Bedroom Accessories

Hey everyone,

I have always adored Vintage themed things, I mean anything from a dress to a pillow.. if it's in the vintage and shabby chic family I will be sure to love it. Slowly my room will be decorated, I have already picked & bought the wallpaper so that's a start! Once my room is complete I will definitely do a sort of "room tour". At the moment it is still the same in looks but I have been collecting little accessories that I think will look great in my newly styled bedroom. One saying I love is appreciate the new but never forget the old! Although I am very excited to go out and shopping and collect more goodies (which girl wouldn't be) I still really like some of the decor I already own; so I thought why not show you some of my favourite pieces!

               If you have any questions at all please ask, I love replying to your comments!

                                                                                Ell x

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