Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Theatrical Makeup Look- Creepy, Scary Doll

Theatrical Makeup Look- Creepy, Scary Doll

Hey everyone,

So here is a very "out there" and different makeup look for you all. A 'Creepy' doll look with a twist. The two sets of lashes and the bold mouth really makes this look stand out. I had fun creating it! Hope you all like it. 

Step by Step Instructions of how I achieved this look:

1) I mixed MAC's face & body foundation with a white face cream (a cheap bottle from fancy dress store). Once mixed evenly together I buffed this on the face with the Real Techniques Stippling brush. 

2) I then used the amazing Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in shade 1 and shade 3. I used shade 1 to highlight certain areas of the face (Centre of nose, top of cheek bones, centre forehead, upper chin & lip). Then I used the darker concealer to give a contrast and help towards the contouring. To apply these I used a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

3) To set all this, I used a white compact powder and MAC's mineralise powder with a fan brush. I then applied a heavy amount of coral blush on the apple's of the cheeks and took it upwards. Using an eyeliner I drew on little freckles on the cheeks to add to the affect of the "doll" look.

4) Then I filled in the brows with an angled brush from MAC and using the storm palette from Sleek I took a light brown eyeshadow and filled in the brows to create a perfect doll like structure.

5) For the eyes I used a white eyeliner to create that 'freaky' bug eye affect. I did this by just extending the natural eye shape down to create bigger, more circular eyes and filled them in. Also make sure you fill in the water line. 

6) Using a peachy, orange eyeshadow fill in the lids above the white. Then take a dark brown eyeshadow to outline the white. And using a black eyeliner to give more depth go around the white. 

7) Take a pair of extravagant, big lashes of your choice and apply them with glue to the top lashes. Then take another pair of lashes and apply them on the edge of the white eyes. 

8) For the mouth, fill your bottom lip with the white face cream. This is meant to be the doll's top lip. Leaving a gap underneath the bottom lip you then need to draw an upside down arch shape representing the doll's bottom lip , again with the white paint. In-between these two white "lips" fill the area in with a black eyeliner. This represents the inside of the mouth. Then on your top lip fill it in as usual with red lipstick, extending it around the white painted lips to create an open mouth. And then on the white lips draw lines with black eyeliner to portray the doll's teeth. 

                                                                            Ell x

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