Thursday, 26 June 2014

My love for Yankee Candles

My love for Yankee Candles

Hey everyone,

So recently I visited the shops and thought I would treat myself to a large Yankee Candle. I have always wanted one but of course they are not cheap for a candle yet I have now been proven so very wrong. I walked into the shop to see an array of bold colours and a mixture of different fragrances were drawing my attention. I have never been someone to like really sickly smells such as 'Vanilla Cupcake', although I have always loved the name of that candle for me it is far too sickly. So I wanted something sweet yet refreshing and comforting. The 'Sweet Apple' candle then drew my attention. This is one of Yankee Candles newest creations... and I love it! The deep red colour is gorgeous and also reminds me of Christmas (my favourite time of year). It has such a beautiful scent and really does make the whole room smell gorgeous. Because of how lovely it smells I have probably lit it more than I should have in the period I have had it, yet there is still so much more to burn. It will last for a long time! 

If like myself you love sweet and luxurious scents you really should try this one out! I can't wait to try some more of these. I personally think they are well worth the money.

                                                                           Ell x

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