Thursday, 2 January 2014

My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

My MAC Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone,

I was so excited today when my palette and x15 insert came in the post. I started to collect MAC eyeshadows quite a while ago but have never been someone to religiously get one every week or something. I have finally made a whole palette and love it. Having the eyeshadows laid out in the palette are so much easier to use, especially considering the palette lid is see through so you can easily pick out what colours you want. The eyeshadows just click into the holes in the insert and can be taken out and swapped for different colours. The palette I have made up is a mix of warm and cool colours, but eventually I would like to create a palette based around just warm/neutral colours and a palette for dark and cool colours. It really is worth building a palette. The insert eyeshadows (already depotted) are only £10, so it works out a lot cheaper. Where as if you buy the eyeshadows in the pots they are £12.50, and you then have to go through the process of depotting them if you want to put them in a palette. Altogether the empty palette without any eyeshadows in is £20.50. The pro palette large/single is £14 and the x15 insert is £6.50. If you are thinking about making up a MAC palette it is definitely worth while as in the long run it is cheaper, they eyeshadows look better presented/organised and it is a great necessity if you are wanting to become a makeup artist like I am. 

If you want to know what the names of certain eyeshadows are in my palette or if you would like me to do a post on how to depot MAC eyeshadows just leave me a comment below!

                                                                             Ell x

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