Friday, 19 September 2014

EYLURE London 'Cheryl No.114' False Eyelashes- Review

EYLURE London 'Cheryl No.114' False Eyelashes- Review

Hey everyone,

I have to say I have always been a massive fan of false eyelashes. I just think they really can transform a makeup look and are so nice to add a bit of glamour to an evening outfit. I will only ever wear them if I am going out to a party or if it is a special occasion as they can sometimes get quite irritating and when you don't wear them regularly they can feel heavy on the eyes. My number one tip is to definitely make sure you have cut them to the size of your eye instead of leaving them and then they are too long. When they are too big for your eyes it they will irritate the corner of your eyes and they also just do not look as effective. EYLURE have always been my trust-worthy reliable false eyelash brand I go to. I first got a pair as a present a few years ago and since then I do not really buy my eyelashes from any other brand (except MAC occasionally). Such good quality eyelashes for the price, and they come with glue. You can get EYLURE in Superdrug and Boots. This 'Girls Aloud Range' for EYLURE has been quite popular and all of their lashes are really pretty. I went for these Cheryl ones as they were the most natural and I wanted a pair of lashes that weren't too thick or long. 

  I was so so pleased with the result. They are the perfect lashes if you want something a bit more subtle and light. If you put these on properly, you really do not realise they are there. EYLURE lashes are very fragile, I found especially with these ones as they are super light and the individual lashes are very thin. In this case be super careful when first trying to get them out the packet. I tend to try and pull them to hard and sometimes it can cause the lashes to point a different way or cause a gap. My best advice would be to get a pair of tweezers and slowly pull from one end of the strip. It is up to you but you can either wear eye-liner with these or leave them on their own. I like to pair my BOURJOIS Felt-tip eyeliner pen with these as it creates a nice look. These were priced at £5.49. I would definitely say they are worth the money.. I mean MAC charge £10 for their lashes, and to me they both look as nice on. The only thing I would say is that these particular lashes are so fragile that I don't think they will stay perfect for long, so not the most re-usable ones I have purchased. 

                          These lashes are on sale at the moment in Superdrug for only £3.66!

                                                                       Thanks for reading,

                                                                                    Ell x

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