Thursday, 9 October 2014

Gory Cuts & Bruises Halloween Makeup- Special FX Effects

Gory Cuts & Bruises Halloween Makeup- Special FX Effects

Hey everyone,

First of all I apologise for the lack of blog posts recently. I have been super busy with work and a-levels but I really want to get back into blogging religiously especially as it is now coming up to Halloween I will be doing a lot of Makeup Looks. So I wanted to do something very gory and creepy. I had no sort of plan or intention of what I wanted this look to turn out like so I just went with it and I ended up with this bloody, zombie like mess! I had fun doing this look and of course it is perfect for a Halloween party, perhaps a Fright Night or even trick-or-treating. This look does not need any sort of expensive costume, I would just wear a plain white t-shirt, cover it in fake blood and scruff up my hair. To achieve this dead looking skin colour I just used a Snazaroo white face paint and did a lot of shading and conturing with a black eyeshadow. The cuts and slashes on the face were created by using liquid latex, tissue and black & red lipsticks. I also used some brown paint and then wet, dripping fake blood. 

Any questions on how I created this look please leave me a comment and I will happily help!

        Ell x

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