Sunday, 16 November 2014

Black & White Skull - Theatrical Makeup

Black & White Skull- Theatrical Makeup

Hey everyone,

I genuinely should be awarded worst blogger award recently as I really have not written a post in ages... Over a month to be exact! A lot has been going on recently but as we are now coming up to the Christmas period I am hoping to be blogging a lot more, both makeup looks and Christmas related posts. So I am starting off with a look which I created yesterday. I never tend to plan the look I am going to do, sometimes it would probably be best if I did plan what I am going to do but then other times looks I have not planned really pay off and turn out great. In mind I knew I wanted to create a sort of skeleton/dark skull themed look. This is how the look came out. I decided to use a bald cap as I wanted the skull to look really realistic and life-like. The bald cap I used was Charlie Short's handmade bald caps (also known as PinkStylist on YouTube). Here is the link to his website where you can purchase them: 
  This look is pretty straight forward, although if you are not used to applying a bald cap it can be quite tricky. All I used was a Snazaroo white face paint, Snazaroo black face paint and a black eyeliner. It really just consists of shading and highlighting certain areas to create different dimensions. If you have any questions on this look please leave me a comment! 


After creating just a classical black and white skull I wanted to experiment a little and thought I would create a wound on the centre of the forehead. To do this I dabbed a layer of liquid latex with a pointed sponge along the centre of the forehead and then placed down a thin layer of tissue. I repeated this process about 4 times until a thick raised platform was created, which also gave the illusion of the eyes looking a lot deeper. I then just picked at the tissue and liquid latex to create a deep hole in which I then filled with black, red and purple lipstick to create a sore cut. Finally, I added some fake blood to the inside and around the wound. I also dabbed some blood round the mouth area & on the chest. 

 I really would love to have a go at any makeup request you have in mind. Whether that is a movie/film character or from the special FX effects field just let me know!

                                                                 Thanks for reading,

                                                                           Ell x

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