Monday, 3 March 2014

Scary Clown Makeup

Scary Clown Makeup

Hey everyone,

A very creepy and spooky makeup look for you all today. I see a lot of clown makeup looks and there's a lot of different takes on them. Although there is a variety of traditional happy circus clowns I wanted to take a different interpretation and create a very evil looking clown you would see in a horror film. I still made sure I incorporated an array of bright colours but I used a black eyeliner to give the whole look a dark effect. Using the black eyeliner I created lines, dark eyes and a contrast of light and dark areas to give more definition. Unfortunately I didn't have one of those big red curly clown wigs which I thought would have really completed this look and if you want you could even add some quirky contact lenses. This look is really perfect for Halloween. 

                                                                             Ell x


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    1. I know even I kept looking in the mirror forgetting I had it on and creeping myself out! Thank you x