Monday, 3 March 2014

Dramatic Smokey Eye- Katniss Everdeen Makeup

Dramatic Smokey Eye- Katniss Everdeen Makeup 

Hey everyone,

I have always loved a smokey eye as you can really experiment with them and create such different looks according to the colours and textures you use. A smokey eye doesn't always have to be dark and intense, for an everyday look you can create a neutral and pretty smokey eye. When I watched the Hunger Games: Catching Fire I immediately fell in love with the makeup Katniss was wearing on the Victory Tour (the scene in which she was wearing her wedding dress). It looked absolutely beautiful so I wanted to have a go at it myself. Mine is a lot darker than hers but for me personally, I like it more dramatic. I love how this look turned out but unfortunately I don't own any lashes that get longer and graduate on the outer corner so I had to make do. 

  Hope you all like this look!

     Ell x

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