Sunday, 9 February 2014

Theatrical Makeup Look- Masquerade Mask Inspired

Theatrical Makeup Look- Masquerade Mask Inspired

Hey everyone,

Firstly I apologise for the very long delayed blog post.. I have been super busy lately and if I'm honest and just not got fully back into blogging since Christmas. I am now going to make sure I post weekly. So yesterday I spent some time with my sister and she kindly let me create a new makeup look I have been wanting to experiment with on her. I love bold, unique eye makeup so I knew that the look would evolve purely around the vibrant eyes. This look is inspired my Masquerade Masks and could also represent a colourful and light twist to the 'Black Swan' makeup. This look would be great for a fancy dress party, Halloween or even a dance/drama show. Any questions on this look I would love for you to leave me a comment! 

                                                           I hope you like this look! 

                                                                            Ell x

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