Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Blonde to Brunette- BOTANICS Hair Dye

Blonde to Brunette

Hey everyone, 

So for a lot of you who know me personally you will see that I have gone from being a blonde to a brunette. It's funny because I actually made the decision to dye me hair very randomly and then when everyone found out they was very surprised. My natural hair colour has a mixture of different blondes in so lucky for me it kind of looks like I naturally have highlighted hair. Underneath and bits at the bottom are a very dark blonde then on top is a variety of white blonde, honey and golden tones. I have only ever had some platinum blonde highlights put through once but I have always thought about if I would suit going dark. Luckily for me my hair still looks very natural now being a brunette and it came out very nicely (big thanks to my mum who spent time dying it for me). The hair dye I used was from Boots and it's actually Boots own range called 'The Power Of Plants BOTANICS'. I used a non-permanent which will last around 24 washes. Of course the colour will get lighter through out that time. 

 The specific colour I got was called 'Bitter Chocolate, Dark Brown'. What I love about this dye is that it's made of plant extracts so it is really good for the hair and it's also ammonia free. The process was so easy surprisingly and altogether it took about an hour; perhaps a bit less. I bought two boxes of this hair dye as it actually says on the box you will need two if you have long thick hair. Both of them together cost around £6 (can't totally remember) so for how much I paid I am over the moon with how it turned out. I definitely recommend this brand and colour if you are a blonde wanting to go brunette but with a non-permanent colour. 



                                                 Any questions leave me a comment! 

                                                                             Ell x

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